Cataraqui Curling Ice Rink

Curling Leagues

Curl the CAT - Open House
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Thursday, Oct. 3rd 7 -9 PM

League Information:

Our curling is primarily divided into Club leagues and Flight leagues.

Club Leagues

For "Club" curling, members sign up individually for each draw or series of games. Each draw is normally comprised of 5 games and after the completion of 5 games, a new draw with new teams is developed. Players are rated on their curling ability to keep the entire teams equal in skill level.

  • Men’s Daytime league on Monday mornings at 9:30am
  • Tuesday Night Men's Club: Game times are 5:45pm 
  • Tuesday Night Women’s Club: Game time 5:45pm and 8:00pm.
  • Day Ladies' Club: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1:00pm.
  • Thursday Morning Men's Senator Curling: Game time 9:30am (age 55+)
  • Men's One-on One Friday morning
  • Senior Mixed Friday's at 3:00pm - teams selected weekly.
  • Friday Night Open Recreational Mixed League (Team Restrictionsdo exist). Game times 5:45 and 8:00 pm.
Flight Leagues

"Flight" curling is a great way for four friends to curl together for the winter. Our members create the teams and you stay together as a "rink" for the entire season. Sometimes teams are looking for a fourth so if you do not already have a team, please let our Curling Coordinator know that you are available for flight curling. Our Curling Coordinator will try to assist you with getting a team.
  • Monday Night OPEN League at 5:45pm and 8pm. Teams may be men’s teams, women’s teams, juniors or any combination of players and is seeded by team ability.
  • Tuesday Night Doubles League 8:00pm
  • Wednesday Daytime Open Stick League 1:00pm
  • Men's Wednesday Night Flight: 5:45pm and 8:00pm
  • Day Ladies Flight: Wednesday morning at 9:15pm
  • Women’s Thursday Night Flight: 5:45pm and 8:00pm
  • Mixed Flight: Friday night at 5:45pm and 8:00pm.

2019-20 Curling Fees

2019-20 Curling Fees

We have a number of different membership options. For curlers that are not golf members at Cataraqui you have three main membership options:
  1. The first – if you are a first time curler at the Cataraqui Golf & Country Club you can join as an Introductory Curling Member for $420 plus tax.
  2. The second – is to join as a “Seasonal” Curling member. This option permits you to participate in multiple leagues at the club throughout the entire curling season.
  3. The third – is to join in our 12 month curling category that we term as Senior Curling. This category permits 12 month access to the club so that you can continue to enjoy our beautiful surroundings – as a bonus this category is permitted full usage of our golf practice facility at no extra cost.