Cataraqui Golf Course
Golf Membership Categories

 *Below is a synopsis of the current golf categories. For complete rules and regulations please contact Administration at 613.546.1753.

Club Membership Package (Golf 2020, Curling & Social 2019-20 Seasons)

Senior Golfer*

A Senior Golfer is a person who has reached the age of 35 or over on or before April 1st.

Pre-Senior 30-34*

A Pre-Senior is a person between the ages of 30 and 34 inclusive on or before April 1st.


An Intermediate member is a person who has reached the age of 19, but has not reached their 30th birthday on or before April 1st.

There are 2 categories:
  • Intermediate 19-23
  • Intermediate 24-29

Unlimited Junior Golf*

A qualifying Junior Aged Member that joins the Unlimited Junior Golf Category is permitted full access to the golf course without tee time restrictions.

Qualification process to become an Unlimited Junior Golf Member:

  1. A Junior golf member with a minimum age of 16 on or before April 1st and preferably 3 continuous seasons of golf membership at Cataraqui Golf & Country Club is eligible to apply.


A Junior member is a person between the ages of 12-18 inclusive on or before April 1st, sponsored by a senior playing member who shall be responsible for the behaviour and financial cost incurred by the Junior.  (Junior charging privilege is not automatic)

Junior Golf 101*

This category is restricted to 13 years of age and younger. Daily golf privileges beginning at 4:30pm (except Tuesday which begins at 6pm) accompanied by a senior golf member (i.e. parent, grandparent)

Limited Junior Membership*

This category permits play after 6pm, seven days a week during the months of April, May, and June. Same play privileges as the regular junior membership during the months of July and August. No course access during September, October, and November.

Master Golfer*

This is a voluntary category for existing golf members who through a combination of age plus years of continuous membership total 105 years. At the discretion of the Board, other members may be granted Master Golfer Status. They are entitled to 25 tee times per year and pay 50% of the senior golf fee.

Cataraqui Corporate Classic*

  • This membership offers golfing and clubhouse privileges to the Corporate Member with no limitations on your number of visits.
  • Maximum 3 guests per day accompanied by corporate member / Guest fees apply.

Cataraqui Corporate Flex 48*

  • Maximum membership of 10 members per season.
  • Maximum 48 annual rounds of golf. Rounds do not carry forward to future years.
  • The main corporate member is named plus a second corporate ‘user’ is named. Neither the main corporate member nor the ‘user’ have restrictions on the number of games that they can play within the 48 games.
  • Rounds may be used individually for the named member or user but must be used as a foursome if the ‘guest(s)’is unaccompanied (i.e. the identified member need not be present). Guest rules for guests apply, i.e. maximum 4 rounds per year as a guest.
  • Maximum number of groups per day per corporation is two.

Golf Waitlist*

Golf privileges for Golf Waitlist List members is (6) six games per season. As a value added incentive to joining the Golf Waiting List, the new waitlist member will be provided with (3) three complimentary green fees for their personal use.
Please note: Golf members returning from medical leave bypass the waiting list. Golf members returning from discretionary leave will have priority on the waiting list according to the date they requested reinstatement of golf membership.


A Non-resident member is a person whose primary residence is more than 50 kilometers from the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club. Such members will be allowed to play a maximum of 10 games of golf per season and will not be required to pay green fees. Non-resident members cannot play in any club tournaments except the Member-Guest Tournaments and Opening or Closing Day events provided that entry fees are paid.


An Absentee member is a person whose residence and chief place of business is more than 160 kilometers (100 miles) from Kingston. An Absentee member will not reside in Kingston more than one month in any year after joining this category. Such members will be allowed to play a maximum of 4 games of golf by paying green fees and must be accompanied by a member. This category is open to only current golfing members of Cataraqui Golf and Country Club.

Limited Play*

Eligible to Members that have been full golf members previously at Cataraqui and continue to maintain a membership in a category that is eligible to re-join the traditional golf membership category without payment of the entrance fee; or eligible to a new member (or former member that did not maintain a qualifying membership to return to full golf) that pays 20% of the entrance fee at the time of joining this category. If at some point, this person desires to move to a full golf category, the remaining entrance fee, according to the terms/conditions at that time will be required to be paid. The limited play category permits a maximum of 12 tee times per golf season.

Young Professional - Limited Play*

Open to ages 30-39 (or younger). This is a limited game membership - 18 Games Maximum. No food and beverage minimum. Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee during the membership years in this category and for every consecutive golf season in this membership or other qualifying golf category the member will receive a $250 reduction in the entrance fee that will be required at age 40. Entrance fee amount that will be required at age 40 is determined at time of joining “Young Professional Membership”, unless entrance fee is lower at point in time that member turns 40. Member must be a member in good standing at age of 39, as a minimum, for entrance fee credit to apply.