Dining Room

Social Members

Social members at Cataraqui enjoy a wide range of special events that are offered throughout the year. Wine tasting evenings with renowed authorities in the field, exceptional special dining events celebrating food from around the world and events that include dining and dancing are but a few of the activities social members enjoy.

We have three social memberships to choose from. The membership categories are Dining Club, Bridge Social and Social.

Membership Application

Dining Club

The Dining Club membership permits year long access to our Clubhouse and dining experiences.

Bridge Social

The Bridge Social membership permits year long access to our Clubhouse, dining experiences and allows you to join our bridge club.


The Social membership provides all of the membership privileges of the dining club and bridge social plus social members are able to have some access to our golf course and driving range.

2018-2019 Fees

Full Social  $610
Bridge / Social  $420
Dining Club $170

Most members will agree that the best part of our social membership is the lifelong friendships they make at the club. An active membership of over 1000  allows for meeting and mixing with those who share your interests and values. There are always new friendships to be made.

Of course, our fine dining in one of Kingston's most beautiful settings is a great drawing card for those who like the idea of having a very special place they can call their own.

Dine, refresh and relax in your own country club. Enjoy!